Looking for the best intensive driving courses in Birmingham??

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Best intensive driving course Birmingham

" i was looking for the best intensive driving course in Birmingham, as i wanted to pass my test quickly. I quickly realized though it was not the best option. Although it took me a little longer then expected . I did pass first time."

local Driving lessons with driving instructor Birmingham

" I passed within 3 months of starting to Take my Driving lessons. Thank You Big L Driving School and Thank You To my Instructor "

" I am a very anxious person, and learning to drive with my previous instructors was very challenging for me. Sheeraz changed that for me, He made driving alot easier to understand, and help me to keep calm along side the lessons being very intesive".

Driving lessons with big l driving school

" Can not thank you enough for all you have done! Will miss the banter but we got the job done! Thank you so much for everything!! "

"Amazing, Driving instructor was never late for any of my lessons, and always on the ball to get me test ready"

Best intensive Driving Course Birmingham

" Never thought i could get my licence so quickly, Sheeraz's teaching methods and his knowledge were second to none"

Driving lessons with local instructor Birmingham

" I passed with 0 faults, and feel confident and ready to drive on my own, thanks to my driving lessons and the best instructor"

Best intensive driving course birmingham

" I had the most patient and understanding driving instructor, English not being my first language. However Sheeraz always found a way. Passed my test FIRST TIME. Would highly recommend."

Best intensive driving course birmingham

"Best driving Course i took. Its was intensive and designed to help me drive around Birmingham safely".

" Was starting a new job, had to pass my test as quick as possible, could not fault the knowledge, time or effect my instructor put into me."

"Would highly recommend, the most patient, calming and encouraging driving instructor i have meet, Took 3 tests before arriving to him, and i passed first time after being with him."

Best intensive driving course birmingham

" Had to take my extended test, Sheeraz was very clear and to the point on how we gona get there, and the processes involved."

driving lessons at kingstanding with big l driving school

" Never late and always on the money. He is a excellent teacher and very good at finding and resolving issues with your driving by helping you understand. "

" 11 out 10. Never had the confidence to drive, never though i will drive in my 30's, but this man made it happen, 6 months later and i am full qualified"

Best intensive driving course Birmingham

" my driving instructor had amazing local knoweledge, Superb."

Driving lessons with big l driving school

Sheeraz is amazing!!! Hands down the best instructor, and is very determined for you to get the best results!! Super friendly and reliable. Made driving super easy. Highly Recommend."

Are you Searching For The Best Intensive Driving Courses in Birmingham?

Students and customers always say to us, “im looking at booking in for a intensive driving course  as i feel its the best way for me to achieve my licence quickly”. 

Which we totally understand. However we must sit back and work out what kind of intensive course suits you, as every single person is different, in their abilities to learn, understand and put into best practice.

We at Big L driving school believe in giving you the best experience possible and more importantly, giving you the best chance in becoming a confident driver and passing your driving test as safely as possible. 

We have learned quite quickly, that the brain only works for a certain period of time. Sometimes a 6 hour day is not the best or quickest way to get things done quickly.

Or learning 7 days a week is not as effective as you may think. We always advise our customers to take a slightly more measured approach. by giving yourselves a little more time to develop your skills, and more importantly give yourself a chance of understanding what your learning and being able to adapt that situation into your style of driving.

As you Can see from most of our students above, alot of them have passed first time and within a time frame that has worked for them. 

Some of them came to us with the same idea. Some came to us without prior experience. Others cam to us with some driving experience. Others that have previously passed their tests. All of them however had one thing in common. They listened to us and the majority of them passed first time. Still looking for  the best intensive driving courses in Birmingham?