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Not Sure on Where to start

Starting the journey of learning to drive, is one that can be very challenging for most of us. Like any situation in life it is about doing a little research and making sure you get to the right places and get the right things done.

The whole process of learning how to drive can get a little challenging.

For example before you even sit in the drivers seat, you need to have a provisional driving licence, 

Or whilst your in the process of learning how to drive with Big L Driving School, what can you be doing to make sure the learning process goes as smoothly as possible.

We at Big L Driving school think that the process of learning how to drive should be made as simple as possible, so what we have done is put together below for a list of websites you can visit all in one place, whether you are ordering your provisional licence ready for your driving lessons, or trying to book into your local theory test center. we have taken the headache out your work.

Why not,Learn to Drive with Big L Driving school and lets go on this journey together.

To Get your Provisional Driving licence click Here at Direct.gov before you take any driving lessons

Need your local theory test center, to book your theory test.

Find you local Driving Test Center here, or ask one our local driving instructors.

Find out everything you need to know about the DSA (Driving Standards Agency)

Need to revise for your Highway Code, before taking your theory or learning to drive with us.

With useful information on vehicle tax, MOT and insurance – Department for Transport

View your licence, for disqualifications, penalty points and other information regarding your licence